Liu Shiwen 4:0 win over Wu Yang smt of the World Cup ***le third times newspaper news (correspondent Qian Xi) the International Table Tennis Federation females World Cup September 23rd in Kobe ***an falls so next heavy curtain, Gucci Outlet Online China community won the championship. Liu Shiwen or Wu Yang reach the final success, typically the defending champion Liu Shiwen with a Many:0 win over Wu Yang, third times when won the championship. Liu Shiwen and consequently Wu Yang are two firstly carried out in any semi final after hitting Jiang Huajun in Tory Burch Coupon Hongkong and Singapore's Feng Tian Wei in the remaining. After the start of the final, Liu Shiwen dabbled in a positive and very patient, notice change back to the basketball continuously mobilize Wu Yang, finally from 11:3 forestalls opponent by just a show of strength. Promoting rid of the p***ive condition, Wu Yang begins to increase the number of counterattack trimmed from Second Bureau, fairly often take the fight to the performing, Liu Shiwen made much trouble. Then again, Liu Shiwen's presence has maintained the patient, the attack on the go after, the guard kept the order of priority, do somewhat in place, was to mobilize Wu Yang working does not seem to be a better way to kick back, so that he missing in action three city. Finally, Liu Shiwen in the total score 4:6 swept away the come close to matching defending success. Feng Tian Wei won typically the tournament third, Jiang Huajun in lastly. Tags: Liu Shiwen Wu Yang Feng Tian Wei Jiang Huajun realignment

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