China basketball to cure " Queen disease; " after two successive coach Maher dissatisfaction with the report news (reporter Shao Huaqian) Chinese Ladies two game winning ability. Coach Maher has "not satisfied", he explained, he would put his children all transform into mma star, who also don't want to surely be a princess. Last night, the Nanjing might basketball tournament in Lis*** stop, second games finished, Oriental team by virtue of section lastly of the more than 65 on the way to 70 blossom, thrilling triumph over the Canadian women's tennis. Every field, veteran Chen Nan provides once again become the key ***anese basketball winning, all lindsay lohan scored a team high 22 points, in addition to Zhao Shuang has mixed 15 points, 10 details Yanyan ji. After the game, Maher is happy though using performance of the players, they pla*** a China rewarded the high quality basketball, the boy's best game of the year. "Feel this is a game China basket ball this year was the best, when we throw is not superior today, the backboard also mislaid a lot, there are some simple layup possibly mistakes, wonderful degree even so does not affect the game, regardless of the results of this is a high quality game." Maher had said. But for women, in addition to endorse Maher also saw the problem, person thinks Chinese women yourself or lack of courage, a complete princess players too much within your team, the lack of the fighters. "Physical confrontation, rebounder, these kinds of aspects is the biggest rrssue Gucci Designer Gl***es we have now, the future still need to start to improve well. Now the team utilizing too many 'princess' players, the lack of event the warriors, we have to believe the reality, and then go to work to exchange." Maher said. According to the schedule, almost at night, China basketball will be pla*** alot of poker this tournament third opponents in Brazil. Method: typically the late broadcast Brautschuhe Louboutin at her thirty tonight, CCTV-5 live China women VS Brazil lady's tag: Maher women's basketball The chinese warrior Chen Nan

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